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Welcome, My name is Melanie, and thank you for visiting my website!  

I am a highly active and respected Makeup/Hair artist in Toronto for over 20 years, specializing in Television, Film, Commercial and print. Melanie’s skills go far beyond hair and makeup with a creative mind, intuition and the desire to go above and beyond her duties to make her clients look and feel their best. Her passion, positivity, and love for the industry is shown in all her accomplishments thus far. She prides herself by giving back to her clients every time they sit in her chair. Melanie goes the extra mile to get to know her clients, she brings the utmost care and professionalism to every job.  Her most memorable work can be found in many high profile shows/programs. Some of which feature her most challenging but rewarding hair and makeup designs. Melanie is committed to bringing new life and love to this growing industry.

TD Commercial

Meridian Commercial

Doritos Commercial

Dr.Scholls Commercial

Work History



Bebe Rexha -Marie Mai -Scott Borchetta, Daya, Property Brothers, Don Cherry, Ron MacLean, Nickki Sixx, Lynn Crawford, Sarah Richardson, Sarah Baeumler, Bryan Baeumler, Deborah Cox, Alan Thicke, Will Sasso, Kevin Zegers, Jesse Soffer, Charlie Barnette, Enrico Colantoni, Martine Forget, Sangita Petal Paul Lafrance, Jason Preistly- Raine Maida - Measha Brueggergosman- Colin Mochrie- Shannon Tweed- Paul Anka - Alan Thicke - Ben Mulroney - Kidd Rock - Howie Mandel - Shawn Desman - Roger Hudgson - Hillary Duff - Danielle Mcgimsie - Elvira Kurt - Johnny Reid - Hedley - Tony Bennett - Jim Cuddy - Maroon 5 - Gorden Light Foot - Lauren Lee Bell - Ty Pennington - Janette Ewen - Paul Gross - Jessica Holmes - Jackie Evancho 

Production Companies


Rocky Horror Productions Ltd - Insight Productions - Temple Street - Architect Films - General Purpose Productions - Mark Burnett Productions - Proper Television - TIFF - Enter The Picture Productions - Holiday Films - Cineflex - Bell Media - Shaftesbury - Bristow Global Media - CSP Productions Inc - OPC Productions - Mowad Productions -Gyro Productions -Blue Ant Media - Media HQS - Great Pacific Media



"Mel’s talent goes far beyond incredible makeup and hair. She cares deeply about her clients and the projects she works on. Watching her weave in and out of scenes effortlessly on The Launch was so impressive. Mel was always there at the right time with the right solution for every moment. She has a gift that goes beyond training or experience. Mel has a work ethic, warm heart and emotional connection to everything she does. 

Lorraine Lawson

Vocal Coach for The Launch, Artists signed to OVO, Universal Music, Warner Music and countless Independent Artists 

Lawson Vocal Studios"


Thanking for saving us in a day when nothing was going right! She looked beautiful! You did such a great job under so much pressure! Thanks again for being so great when we needed it most! You'll be our go to for all things Toronto.


Christine (& Daya!)


"Melanie Sleep and I have worked together for three years on nearly 60 episodes of For Rent. Over that time she became an integral part of my on-set comfort and confidence. Her ability to achieve a naturally beautiful look day in and day out is unparalleled. She is caring and thoughtful in a motherly way; she anticipates my needs, protects me from unnecessary set stress, and is always there when I need her. She also seems to know when I need space - a very important skill for someone who's job it is to be right up in your face!Melanie helped me feel beautiful on camera through the awkward android' stages of two pregnancies - one of which she diagnosed! A great testament to how tuned into her clients she is. Melanie's professionalism and ability has me so loyal to her that she is an important part of my contract negotiations!" Jodi Gilmour 


"In working with makeup artist (and genius as I call her) Melanie Sleep, I have discovered how, when having the "right" artist you can actually love how you look on TV on film. So often artists try to overdo my look, not Melanie. She makes me look great every time we work together, even on my "rough" mornings. She is a treat to work with and a doll of a human being. She has a knack for making skin look great and even made my unruly hair look good. Overall Melanie Sleep is a top notch artist and I am lucky to have her in my life!" Janette Ewen, TV host and Lifestyle Expert.


"I had the pleasure of working with Melanie Sleep on Canada Sings and found her to be a tremendous addition to the team. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, commitment and execution is always terrific". :) Lori Greenberg 

Professional CV

Professional Summary 

I knew very early in my life that makeup and hair was my calling. Sheridan College provided me the backdrop that launched my career in makeup artistry. Specializing in one of the biggest meccas for fashion/film and TV.I'm most proud of my work and designs that can be found on many high profile shows.I pride myself on giving my clients only the best by providing professionalism, comfort , cleanliness and attention to detail.  


 Key Makeup & Hair. Designer Special Effects  

Work History

- Key Makeup for Back in Time for Winter 3 - Bird Media, 01/2019 - present

-Key Makeup for Big Brother Canada season 7 - Insight Productions, 02/2019 - present

- Key Makeup & Personal for The Lunch Season 2 - Insight Productions, 09/2018-11/2018

- Personal Makeup for I Heart Radio Jingle Ball 2018 - Insight Productions, 12/2018 

-Key Makeup for the Chefs of Top Chef 7 - Insight Productions, 10/2018

-Makeup for Canada's Smartest Person Junior - Media HQS, 08/2018 - present 

-Makeup for Save my Reno - Great Pacific Media, 04/2018 - present 

-Key makeup for "If You Could Read My Mind The Gordan Lightfoot Documentary - Insight Production Company, 06/2018 - present

-Key Makeup & Hair for Big Brother 6 Houseguests - Insight Production Company, 02/2018 - present 

-Makeup & Hair for the Chefs Top Chef 6 –Insight Production, 10/2017

-Makeup The Launch –  Insight Production, 08/2017-10/2017

-Key Makeup & Hair Back In Time For Dinner – 3bird Media, 08/2017-11/2017

-Makeup Frankie Drake – Shaftesbury Frankie 1 INC 08/2017- 10/2017

-Makeup Big Brother Canada Season 5 - Insight Productions, 02/2017-05/2017 

-Key Makeup & Hair Bake It Possible – Entertainment One, 05/2017-05/2017

-Key Makeup Reno Set Go - Scott Brothers Entertainment, 12/2016-05/2017

-Makeup Top Chef All-star – Insight Productions, 9/2016-10/2016

Key Toronto Makeup Artist La Bodade Valentina – HLP + Partners, 11/2016-11/2016

-Makeup  Home To Win Season 2 - Architect Films, 09/2016-preset 

 -Key Makeup Canada's Smarest Person - CSP 3 Productions INC 07/16-08/16

 -Key Makeup Sugar Showdown - Architect Films, 07/2016- 07/2016

 -Key Makeup & Hair Big Brother Canada Season 4 (House Guests) - Insight Productions, 02/2016-05/2016 

-Assistant Makeup Rocky Horror Picture Show - Rocky Horror Production INC, 03/2016-04/2016

-Key Makeup & Hair Home To Win - HGTV Canada Shaw, 10/2015- current 

-Makeup Hockey Wives Season 2 - Bristow Global Media, 09/2015- 01/2015 

-Key Makeup Sugar Showdown - Architect Films, 07/2015- 07/2015 

Daily Makeup 2015: The Strain Warrior 11/22/63 Hemlock Grove Suicide Squad 

-Key Makeup & Hair Big Brother Canada 3 (House Guests) - Insight Productions, 02/2015-current 

-Key Makeup & Hair Dream Funded Pilot-Entertainment One Television/Marc Burnett, 02/2015 

-Co-Key Makeup & Hair Under Cover High 2 - General Purpose Entertainment, 11/2014-02/2015 

-Key Makeup & Hair Fool Canada- Shaftesbury, 09/2014-11/2014 

-Key Makeup & Hair Canada’s Smartest Person 1&2- CSP Productions INC, 07/2014-10/2015

 -Key Makeup & Hair Million Dollar Credit- Temple Street Productions 3/2012-3/2014 

-Key Makeup & Hair Donut Showdown Season 2- Architect Films 1/2014 to 3/2014 

-HOD – Johnny Reid a Christmas Gift to You 10/2013

 -Key Makeup and design 09/2013 to current Battle of the Blades Season 4 

-Key Makeup & Hair 07/2013 to 07/2013 Extreme Babysitting- General Purpose Productions 

-Key makeup & Hair 06/2013 to 06/2013 Extreme Collector (Opening, closing & promos) – Architect films

 -Key Makeup & Hair Artist for house guests 02/2013 to 05/2013 Big Brother Canada - Insight Production

 -Key Makeup & Hair 03/2013 to 03/2013 Try It! - Temple Street Production 

-Key Makeup & Hair for Host 03/2013 to 03/2013 Spin Off - SeeMore Games Inc/Mark Burnett Productions 

-Key Makeup & Hair 01/2013 to 02/2013 The Next Step After Show - Temple Street Productions 

-Key FX Artist 10/2012 to 10/2012 Christmas Kobe Reader Commercial - Holiday Films 

-Key Makeup & Designer for Competitors 03/2012 to 05/2012 Canada's Got Talent - Insight 

-Key (CO)Makeup & Hair 11/2014 to Present Undercover High-General Purpose Pictures 

-Key Makeup & Hair 09/2014 to 11/2014 Fool Canada –Shaftesbury Films 

-Key Makeup & Hair 07/2014 to 09/2014 Canada’s Smartest Person CSP Productions INC 

-Key Makeup & Hair 03/2014 04/2014 Million Dollar Critic –Temple Street Productions 

-Key Makeup & Hair 01/2014 to 03/2014 Donut Show Down – Architect Films 

-Key Makeup & Designer 09/2009 to 11/2013 Battle Of The Blades – Insight Productions 

-Makeup & Hair 09/2013 Toronto Film Festival 

-Key Makeup & Hair 08/2013 to 09/2013 Evolve Functional Fitness – Temple Street Productions 

-Makeup Artist -07/2010 to 09/2014 Ron James Show - Enter The Picture Inc 

-Key Makeup & Hair 07/2013 Cottage Life – Blue Ant Media 

-Key Makeup & Hair 02/2013 to 04/13 (house guests) Big Brother Canada – Insight Productions Inc 

-Key Makeup & Hair 03/2013 Spin Off – SeeMore Games/ Mark Burnett Productions 

-Key Makeup & Hair 01/13 to 02/2013 Next Step After Show – Temple Street Productions 

-Key Makeup & Hair 07/2010 to 09/2013 (competitors) Top Chef Canada 1,2,3 Insight Productions Inc 

-Key Makeup & Designer 03/2012 to 06/2012 Canada’s Got Talent – Insight Productions Inc 

-Key Makeup & Hair for Host 08/2011 to 09/2011 Redemption Inc - Proper Television 

-Makeup/FX Artist 07/2011 to 09/2011 Prank Science - Proper Televison 

-Key Makeup & Hair 06/2011 to 09/2011 Risky Business - 11 Entertainment 

-Key Makeup & Designer 03/2011 to 03/2014 Canada Sings season 1&2 - Insight Productions 

-Key Makeup & Hair for Host 08/2010 to 08/2012 For Rent Season 1,2,3,4,5 - Cineflix  



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Alchemy Center (Advanced Air Brushing and Body Art-2014) Makeup 1996 Sheridan Collage 

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